The Board

The board of Transparency International Greenland consists of six persons appointed by the members.

A board member represents no one else but him or herself and is only bounded by his or her own stances. Board members are appointed for a period of two years. Therefore, the board of Transparency, year 2019, consist of:

  • Birita i Dali, chair
  • Anita Hoffer, vice chair
  • Dora Drechsel
  • Karen Heilmann Lennert
  • Anja Rindom Bøndergaard
  • Christian P. Jerimiassen
  • Naaja H. Nathanielsen, alternate

Expert members: Anne Mette Christiansen CSR-expert, Thomas Trier Hansen Advokatfirmaet Trier Law ApS.

Members of the Board and Expert members have registred their interests: Birita i Dali, Anita Hoffer, Dora Drechsel,  Anja Rindom Bøndergaard, Naaja H. Nathanielsen , CoC og RoI Birita i Dali, Karen H. Lennert, Christian P. Jerimiassen, CoC Thomas Trier Hansen RoI Thomas-Trier-Hansen, Anne Mette E Christiansen

Staff: Code of Conduct. Bodil Karlshøj